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A Leadership Specialists/Executive Forums Colorado executive peer group is a great way companies to get help/feedback from their peers as well as access resources they didn’t even know they needed, be it leadership development, finance, strategy & communications,  competitive intelligence and overall, provide a path to success.

~ Director of Sales & Project Management,
Heathe Haseltine Cooper

Our Leadership Specialists/Executive Forums facilitator has helped me develop my role as a CEO of a small company. He always brings fresh ideas. I have learned a lot from him and my Executive Forums Colorado group, and continue to draw on his support in managing a business and people.

~ CEO,
Rick Schmitt

Our Leadership Specialists/Executive Forums facilitator is an experienced manager and leader who uses his well-honed presentation and coaching skills to help others recognize and realize their full potential. He brings a fresh and honest perspective to challenges that promotes creative solutions.

~ COO,
Kent Sabin

The Leadership Specialists/Executive Forums facilitators have passion and great skill for helping small businesses grow and succeed. I would highly recommend Executive Forums Colorado if you’re trying to take your business to the next level.

~ CEO & Founder,
Kelby Zorgdrager

Leadership Specialists/Executive Forums Colorado and our Forum Leader has been a integral part of bringing our management team together.

~ President,
Dewey Lane

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